Online Cost Savings Calculator

The Cost Savings Calculator shows how much money you can potentially save by taking online classes versus on-campus classes.

To use the Cost Savings Calculator, replace example numbers in each statement below with your own information. Once you have finished, click the Calculate button to get an estimate of how much you can potentially save by taking a class online!

  • I drive miles to and from campus for class each day.
  • My vehicle can get miles per gallon / per charge (MPG/MPGe).
  • It costs me $ to fill up / charge my vehicle.
  • Some other costs regarding my commute (such as parking fees, public transportation, etc.) cost me $ per day.
  • Child care costs me $ per day.
  • I spend minutes commuting to and from campus per day.
  • My time is worth $ per hour.

Note: The results shown below are just an estimate.

Description Your Cost
Your transportation costs $0.00
Your childcare costs $0.00
Your personal time cost $0.00
Description Your Cost
Your daily cost for attending classes $0.00
Assuming a 15 week semester, meeting once per week $0.00
Assuming a 15 week semester, meeting twice per week $0.00

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