The Online Education Initiative (OEI) has developed the Online Student Readiness Tutorials, a series of interactive multimedia tutorials that address the real challenges experienced by online students, new and experienced, while pursuing success in online classes. Therefore the goal of these tutorials is to assist California community college students with developing the skills required to be successful in an online course.

Through a variety of engaging activities and resources, these tutorials will help prepare students for greater success in the online learning environment. All of the tutorials are intended to improve the rates of success and retention in online courses. Tutorials 1-6 focus on skill development for new online students, while the remaining tutorials identify resources and strategies to assist the experience online student with timely course and degree completion. Along with the tutorials we have provided a set of interactive tools that are useful to students as they continue their academic pursuits.

Please Note:

The OEI will periodically update the modules at this site, however the OEI is not committed to updating any downloaded files, which have been repurposed at your campus. At this time the CVC-OEI is unable to update any of the multimedia video tutorials. Please note that each video can be accessed independently. When choosing the videos do so in accordance with your college needs and culture. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to periodically check this site, in order to access the most recent version of these multimedia tutorials. Also, many of you will find new and innovative ways to utilize these e-learning tools at your campuses; we invite you to share with us the various ways that you have incorporated them into your college's online student success initiatives.

Thanks for your continued support of the success of California's online community college students.

If you have any questions or would like to share your ideas on how you are integrating the readiness modules please email us support@cvc.edu

All Resources

The complete set of Online Readiness tutorials, including all files needed to play the interactive videos, is available on GitHub. In particular, please visit the following pages within our GitHub repository:

NOTE: The GitHub repository does not include the media files. Those are too big for GitHub, and are provided below for each module individually. Use the Download link(s) for any modules you're interest in. Then unzip the downloaded file and copy its contents into the appropriate folder within the Online Readiness file structure. See the GitHub home page for additional instructions.

In the following table, the links in the first column lead to live versions of each module. Please feel free to link to any of these modules within your own website or curriculum. See also the student version of this home page.

Interactive Tutorials

Introduction to Online Learning Download
Getting Tech Ready Download
Organizing for Online Success Download
Online Study Skills and Managing Time Download
Communication Skills for Online Learning Download
Online Reading Strategies Download
Career Planning Download
Educational Planning Download
Instructional Support Download
Personal Support Download
Financial Planning Download

Interactive Tools

NOTE: The legacy version of these tutorials is also still available, but is no longer actively maintained.