Computer Readiness Test

The Computer Readiness Test will test your computer and provide information about whether you have particular plug-ins installed, and if so, which versions. Note that results may vary by browser, as different web browsers support different plug-ins. Try running the test in different browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge) and compare the results. Are they the same or different? 

Knowing these sorts of details about your computer can be helpful because all of the technologies listed here are used in online education resources, and you might encounter a need for them at some point in your college career. Links are provided at the bottom of this page for downloading and installing plug-ins that you don't currently have installed. When following these links, be sure to check the requirements for each plug-in, as some of them only work in particular browsers and operating systems. 

To begin, hit the "Start" button below, once complete, the test will output the results.

Plugin Detected Description Version

Keep in mind this tool attempts to detect what plugins installed in your current browser and may not always detect plugins properly. It is always best to verify you have properly installed each plugin according to the manufacturer: